Custom Prepaid Programs

MeasuredPrepaid objective is to make stored-value solutions as convenient as they are effective for our customers. Here’s a summary of how the MeasuredPrepaid process works:

Data Collection
The MeasuredPrepaid processing center collects your customer information. If you already work with a data collection company, we can seamlessly integrate with their technology

Secure Data Transfer
Using the latest in secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), the relevant customer data is transferred to our card production facility.

Card Design and Production
Your cards are personalized with the intended recipients names, branded with your company’s name & logo and delivered.

Easy Activation
With a toll-free call or visit to your branded website, recipients can activate their cards. Then, they’re free to use their card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Reporting and Analysis
To track the success of your campaign, our real-time VISION reporting system puts a range of valuable metrics, including aggregate spending trends, at your fingertips.