Custom Prepaid Programs

MeasuredPrepaid’ Liability and Fraud Protection: Advanced, Redundant and Supremely Vigilant

For obvious reasons, all companies demand the highest levels of liability and fraud protection from their partners–and MeasuredPrepaid consistently exceeds those standards.

Both Transactional and Program Level Monitoring

Employing both industry-standard and proprietary tools, MeasuredPrepaid utilizes two levels of fraud control and monitoring–on both the transactional and the program level.

In terms of transactions, MeasuredPrepaid is equipped with the leading-edge Falcon® Fraud Manager neural network platform–the same fraud-detection technology used by the world’s largest financial services institutions. On the program level, we implement a variety of customer service protocols as well as multiple submission detection technology including single location detection and IP address tracking. Our systematic “3D” Strategy enables us to:

Define the fraudulent pattern in real-time
Detect actual instances of fraud and create watch lists
Diminish losses and prevent additional cards from participating in fraudulent activity